CAME GARD G4000/G4001 24v Barrier up to 4m

  • Ideal for private or public car parks
  • The model for passages up to 3.75m comes in the 230 V AC version
  • There is also a version in AISI 304 steel
  • Can be installed to the left or right, the mounting procedures are quick and easy
  • A truly complete range of accessories to customize your installation, which includes a choice of safety accessories for peace of mind during operation
  • The special joint is for installing  CAME barriers even when height is an issue when raising or lowering the boom, as in underground parking lot
  • G4000/G4001 Include Control Panel up to 4M


Came G4000 Parking Gate Barrier System up to 4m in Saudi Arabia.

Came Barrier Gate G4000 or also called CAME Gard 4000 or CAME G4001 barrier is one of highest selling barrier in Saudi Arabia. The Came G4000 is an automatic Came barrier kit with a 4-meter-long arm. used to control traffic in different areas. Came parking barrier in kit CAME G4000 Came barrier is a barrier to access reliable, stylish design and numerous functions . The 4-meter arm barrier can be suitable in private or public car parks. It fits in both industrial and residential areas.

Came Barrier Gate G4000 Barrier is one of the most widely used access barrier.

This kit does NOT include the signaling lamp and reflective tape.


  • Came G4000 barrier body with integrated control panel;
  • Arm rectangular barrier with a length of 4 meters;
  • DIR10 or delta infrared photocells ;
  • AF43S radio receiver ;
  • TOP 432EV radio remote control with 433.92 Mhz frequency.

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