Came Gard PT Brushless

  • Made in Italy
  • The ideal solution for passageways with heavy transit flows.
  • Compatible with CAME KEY.
  • A modernly designed barrier, with perfectly blended aesthetics and perfection for any application.
  • Highly performing brushless motor and extremely silent.
  • Control board with a display designed to connect to the Cloud via CAME Connect.
  • Accessory for a detachable boom to use in high traffic-volume conditions.
  • It can work in either paired mode or alternating mode via the RSE card.


Came Gate barrier supplier in Saudi Arabia,  Gard-PT-Brushless by Autogateme

A new concept in barrier gates: Design, materials, technology. The exclusive built-in flashing light with an illuminated LED diffuser needs no special maintenance and ensures complete visibility of the warning light when the barrier arm is moving.

Recent innovations in the design and features of the Gard boom barrier gate series provide a new standard in safety. The soft contours and rounded corners create an aerodynamic shape that offsets the “sail effect” in windy areas as well as creating a contemporary, aesthetic design that blends well in any setting.

The Gard-PT-Brushless boom barrier offers many innovative features, including The safety guard on the bar, is a standard feature. It protects the user from possible risks when the arm is in motion.

Maximum safety: Next-generation electronics automatically interrupt the power supply as soon as the service door is opened. Accessible and well-protected electronics. The die-cast aluminum housing provides a secure, yet accessible casing for the electronics.

Luminous bar: Superior visibility of the arm and durability of the light fixtures.

Perfect barrier gate integration: The safety photocells integrate harmoniously and aesthetically with the system.

Round tubular bar: Maximum reduction of the “sail effect,” ensuring correct operation in areas subject to high winds. Differentiated sensitivity spring. For exceptional balancing of the bar.

Technical Specifications:

  • This unit can be used to control entrances up to 3 to 8 meters wide
  • Designed and constructed entirely by CAME in compliance with current safety standards, and with an IP 54 protecting rating.
  • Guaranteed for 12 months, unless tampered with by unauthorized personnel.

About Came :

Came is a world-leading solution and product provider of security barrier. The company’s product portfolio includes a full range gate barrier, turnstile, speed gate, swing/sliding gate motors.

Came is currently the largest global market share in gate barrier, turnstile, speed gate, swing/sliding gate motors; meanwhile, it is the first Italian corporate in security that established a global technology standard. The company invests almost 10% of its annual sales revenue to R&D and by far has more than 1000 professionals in R&D department to further bring innovation.

Came products are widely used globally in many fields such as retail, education, utility, banking, public security, energy infrastructure, telecommunication, intelligent-building, and intelligent-transportation.

Came gate barrier supplier in Saudi Arabia: 

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