Came ZL37/ ZL37F Control board for G4000 G6000

  • Control panel compatible with came barrier
  • Multi function control panel for two barrier gate
  •  Featuring self diagnosis of safety devices
  • Obstacle detection device (motor of limit position)


Came Barrier Gate Spare Parts G4000, G4001 , G6000, G6001 control board in Saudi Arabia by Autogateme

This control board is powered by 230V a.c. across terminals L1 and L2, and is protected by a 3.15A fuse on the main power line. Control systems are (24) powered by low voltage and protected with by a 2A fuse. The total power consumption of 24V accessories must not exceed 20 W.

The card provides and controls the following features:

– Automatic closing: The automatic closing timer is automatically activated at the end of the opening cycle. The preset, adjustable automatic closing time is automatically interrupted by the activation of any safety system, and is deactivated after a total stop command or in case of power failure;

– Immediate closure (the bar is lowered automatically after the vehicle has passed the safety devices, on the terminals 2-C5 of the control panel;

– “Operator present” function. Bar operates only when the push button is held down (the radio remote control system is deactivated);

– Obstacle detection: When the motor is stopped (bar is closed, open or half open after an emergency stop command), the transmitter and the control push button will be deactivated if an obstacle is detected by one of the safety devices (for example, the photocells);

– Flashing light activated before opening and closing cycle begins;

– Activation of a 24V output signal during the movement phases and in the closed position;

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