FAAC Control board for the E844 3 phase operator

Power supply voltage: 230V AC 3ph 50Hz – 400V AC 3ph+N 50Hz

Motor braking: Fixed

Safety timing: 255s

Inputs: open, partial open, stop, closing safety devices, limit switches.

Outputs: Indicator light, flashing lamp, motor, 24V DC accessories power supply.


FAAC Sliding Gate Spare Parts 884 MC, 844 3Ph control board in Saudi Arabia by Autogateme


Control boards 844T (used for external application on 844 R 3PH gearmotor) and 884T (incorporated into 844 MC 3PH automation) will be replaced by the new E844 3PH. The new E844 3PH control board is perfectly compatible with previous 844T and 884T, and stands out for the following additional functionalities:

BUS 2EASY connection:
Dedicated terminal blocks to allow the connection of any type of BUS 2EASY accessories (Opening photocells, closing photocells, key-switches, keypad, TAG reader and safety edge radio system)

Safety edges inputs:
2 independent terminal blocks, one dedicated to safety devices for the opening movement (SAFE OP) and one for the closing movement (SAFE CL); on each terminal block it’s possible to connect one 8K2 resistive safety edge, or more than one in series, (no need to use additional CN60E control unit) or N.C. electromechanical edges (M60) The closing safety edge (SAFE CL) can also be set to accept N.C. contact photocells instead of safety edges.

Priority command inputs:
2 dedicated inputs, one aimed to provide a DEADMAN open command and the other a DEAD-MAN close command, regardless any safety device – these inputs are useful to override a normal functionality in case of safety devices out of order

Other features:
– Status output: two programmable output
– Soft start: an acceleration ramp can be programmed, function takes place at the beginning of any movement (function is only available using 844 R 3PH gearmotors)
– Pre-limit switch deceleration: a pre-limit switch deceleration (percentage of the total running time) can be programmed, function takes place before reaching the physical limit switch (function is only available using 844 R 3PH gearmotors)
– Encoder control: a control of the magnetic encoder (same as the one placed on 746/844 shaft) can be enabled and reading sensitivity can be adjusted (function is only available with E844 3PH incorporated into 844 R 3PH *)

Until today, no FAAC 844 3PH gearmotor has ever been provided with incorporated control board; thanks to the new functionality, a new 844 3PH gearmotor with magnetic encoder on the shaft and E844 3Ph incorporated control board will be created.
Availability will be communicated.

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