FAAC 620 Automatic Barrier-up to 5 m

  • Automatic barrier for beams up to 5 m
  • Opening/closing time 3.5s (3 m) 4.5s (5m)
  • Actuating system consisting of hydraulic pump unit, plunger pistons, equaliser and transmission shaft
  • Overall dimensions 200x380x1080 mm (LxWxH)
  • Protection class IP 44
  • Release device accessible from the outside by triangular or customised key (optional)
  • Hydraulic pump unit with hydraulic locking on opening and closing
  • Electric motor power supply 230 Vac (+6% -10%) – 50(60) Hz


FAAC 620 Gate Barrier in Saudi Arabia by Autogateme

620 FAAC barrier system controls beams that are 6-1/2 to 13 ft (2 to 4.5 m) in length and offers extremely fast opening and closing times. The 620 is ideal for single lane vehicular traffic in moderate to heavy traffic. The 620 (10463283) Barrier can also be articulated (jointed) for use with low overhead clearances or skirted to prevent vehicles from passing beneath the beam.

Speed and Versatility the 620 hydraulic barrier range is fast and reliable with a capability to support up to a 5m beam. 620 Standard with a duty cycle of 70% will support a 5m beam and bottom skirt with an opening/closing speed of 4 seconds.

The 620 Rapid offers a beam length of up to 4m with an opening / closing speed of 2 seconds. 620 Super Rapid will support a 3m beam and operate in 0.8 seconds. Long Term Reliability The 620 range is equipped with electronic slowdown at the end of the opening and closing cycle providing protection to the barrier mechanism.

The FAAC 620 range is equipped with electronic deceleration at opening and closing. A version with articulated beam for low ceilings is available on request.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight : 73 kg
  • Type of oil : FAAC HP oil
  • Barrier body treatment : Cataphoresis
  • Paint : Polyester RAL 2004
  • Protection class : IP 44
  • Cooling : Forced air
  • Type of beam : Rectangular standard – rectangular articulated standard – round – pivoting round
  • Dimensions : (L x D x H) in mm 350 x 170 x 1,080
  • Thrust capacitor : 8 μF 400 V
  • Power supply voltage : 230 Vac (+6% -10%) 50 (60) Hz
  • Electric motor : single-phase, bi-directional
  • Absorbed power : 220 W
  • Absorbed current : 1 A
  • Motor rotation speed : 1400 – 2800 r.p.m.
  • Pump flow rate : 1.5/2 l/min
  • Thermal protection on motor winding : 120 °C
  • Effective torque : 0 to 100 / 0 to 80 Nm
  • Electronic deceleration : Adjustable with cams
  • Operating ambient temperature : -20°C to +55°C

The packages 620 include: barrier body for rectangular / pivoting round beam, hydraulic drive transmission system complete with balancing spring, installation accessories, a triangular release key.

FAAC Gate Barrier in Saudi Arabia: 

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