HVM Barriers

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems or HVM Systems are used to block off a road, usually by placing them across the street. They are usually made of steel and can be lifted up by a forklift to allow traffic to pass through.

There are two main types of road blockers: temporary and permanent. Temporary HVM barriers can be moved around, while permanent ones cannot.

Temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers – high-security portable road barricades work in the same way as permanent ones, but they are much more mobile and easy to transport. They come in different shapes and sizes, so they can be used on different types of roads or streets with ease.

A Temporary HVM barrier is a portable barrier that can be deployed in less than one minute. It is designed to stop, slow down or divert hostile vehicles.

The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems or HVM Systems are made of steel. It can be carried and deployed by two people in less than one minute. The HVM Barriers are most commonly used as temporary road blockers near sensitive buildings like military bases or embassies.

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We are Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Autogateme is the premier HVM Barrier company in Saudi Arabia. Autogateme serves complete system solutions encompassing road blockers, anti-ram barriers, bollards, software, and accessories all over the middle east such as UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar. We do projects in Middle Eastern cities such as Dubai, Ajman,, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha, Manama, Kuwait city, etc. Our Partner Block’Axess is a European HVM System company.

Anti Ram Barriers Products distributors, a portable road barriers company in Saudi Arabia, We are based in Riyadh, and we can do projects all over Kingdom such as Jeddah, Khobar, NEOM, Jizan, Tabuk, Taif, Makkah, Madinah, and Dammam.