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AutoGateMe provides turnstile gates in Saudi Arabia. World-leading brands such as Ozak, Axess, Tansa, and turnstile gate are all over Saudi Arabia. All brands have waist-height turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, mid security turnstiles, high-security turnstiles.

About Ozak & Tansa Turnstile Gate:

Both are Made in Turkey, Ozak and Tansa has significant market share in global security turnstile market. Both produce Tripod turnstile, Optical turnstile, full height turnstile.

There are a wide variety of access control options to suit individual requirements.

Through our nationwide network in Saudi Arabia of highly skilled and professional engineers, Security Solutions are able to provide a cost-effective Service and Maintenance package that is second to none.

We are a leading turnstile supplier in Saudi Arabia. We sale ozak, axess, tansa, turnstile  in Saudi Arabia also cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, Makkah, Madinah, Taif, Yanbu, Jizan, Tabuk NEOM etc. feel free to contact us for waist height turnstile, full height turnstile  for medium security to maximum security turnstile in Saudi Arabia.