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BFT Maxima Saudi Arabia by Autogateme : A Electromechanical barrier 220 V with incorporated INVERTER allows 20,000 (up to 3m), 5,000 (up to 5m) Op/gg. Opening time from 0.7 to 3 s with slowdown Yes. Max bar length: 5m. Suitable for installations in areas with frequent transit and frequent reversing (motorway tollgates, busy car parks, etc.).

The barrier can be configured to manage the drive-through gap using the top-mounted control panel. The mechanical crankshaft delivers fluid movement for the boom whilst controlling the soft opening and closing. The same mechanism is able to provide anti-vandalism protection for the gear motor. The barrier is U-Link compatible for integration with Parking Management or Building Management systems.

The LED Light Crown mounted on the top of the cabinet is able to communicate diagnostic information with a multi-color coded system providing maintenance and other vital information without the need to access the control panel.

BFT Barrier Saudi Arabia: 

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