Came Barrier GT GT4, GT8 spare Parts  803XA-0320 in Saudi Arabia by Autogateme


For CAME GT Barriers

GT4 GGT40AGS  803BB-0160

GT8 GGT80AGS 803BB-0180

The AutoGateMe is a leading automatic gates supplier in Saudi Arabia.  Came boom Barrier GT Spare Parts supplier in Saudi Arabia. Original Spare parts such as CAME GT4 GGT40AGS , GT8 GGT80AGS  or other GT series barriers.  Came 803XA-0320  all kits come with a full guarantee. We also offer ‘Best Price in the Kingdom’ on all Came automatic gates kits so you can buy from us with confidence.

We are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We can ship came spare parts all over Saudi Arabian cities such as  Jeddah, Khobar, Jizan, Tabuk, Taif, Makkah, Madinah, Dammam NEOM, and others as well. Other Middle Eastern countries such as  UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Bahrain (Manama), Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt