Came ZT6/ ZT6C BK 2200 BY 3500T – Control board

  • Control panel compatible with BK2200 & BY3500
  • Multi function control panel for two leaf swing gates
  •  Featuring self diagnosis of safety devices
  • With safety block and buttons (ZT6C)


Came Sliding Gate Spare Parts BK 1800, BK 2200, BY 3500T control board in Saudi Arabia by Autogateme

Single and tri-phase 230 V AC or 400 V AC tri-phase power supply. The control panel is protected by a 8 A fuse, while the low voltage accessories (24 V) are protected by a 2 A fuse. The ZT6C control panel comes with safety block and 3-hard wired buttons (stop, open, close) on the case cover. Warning! The overall power of the 24 V accessories must not exceed 20 W.

The card provides and controls the following features:
– automatic closing;
– partial opening for pedestrian passage;
– obstacle detections when gate is not moving at any point;
– maintained action;
– Pre flashing by the flashing light;
– Running the safety test feature.
The available command modes are:
-opening/closing with maintained action;
– open-stop-close-stop;
– Partial opening;
– total stop.
The photocells, after detecting an obstacle, may trigger:
– the reopening of the closing gate;
– the reclosing of the opening gate;
– a partial stop;
– a total stop.
Specific trimmers regulate:
– the working time for automatic closing;
– the partial opening time.

BK 2200 Bk1800 BY 3500T TECHNICAL DATA
Power supply 230 V / 400 V – 60 Hz
Maximum power rating 780 W
Power draw when idle 50 mA
Maximum power for 24 V
accessories 45 W
Maximum power for 230 V
accessories 85 W
Circuit insulation class
Container material ABS
Protection rating of the container:  IP54
Working temperature: – 20 / +55°C

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