Came Swing Gate ATI 5024N / ATI 3024N up to 5 meter

  • Made in Italy
  • Protection rating (IP): 54
  • Power supply (V – 50/60 Hz): 230 V AC
  • Power supply to motor (V): 230V AC
  • Operating temperature (°C): -20 ÷ +55
  • Motor’s heat protection (°C): 150


Came swing gate ATI 5024/ ATI 3024 in Saudi Arabia by Autogateme

Swing Gate Operator CAME ATI 5024N or ATI 3024N is automated gate motor with leaf length up to 5 meters.   400 kg weight or 2,5 m and 600 kg or 3 m and 400 kg. It can be installed on single leaf gates or double leaf gates. Thanks to small dimensions of gear motor CAME ATI5024N, ATI3024N is especially suitable for mounting on narrow post, where the distance between the hinge and inner boundary (D-level) is max. 6 cm. There is a possibility to archive a larger opening angle in which the D-level is less than 5cm.

Patented technology 24V increases safety by enabling variable speed motion during opening and closing. This technology also has the function of detecting obstacles that will eliminate accidental crash. The time required for the gate opener to open the gate to angle 90° is 19 seconds. Micro-switch that controls stopping of the gate movement allows a easy regulation of position in which the door has to stop.

Design of the drive based on CAME gate automation experience ensure the quiet automatic opening and closing of mechanism, and reliability in all weather conditions with range of temperature from -20° to 55° .

Technical Specifications:

  • The 24 V version can function in emergency mode during power cuts.
  • Available both in the reversible and self-locking versions.
  • Amperometric obstacle detection.
  • Worm screw is always protected thanks to its dedicated cover.
  • The 24 V version comes with a simplified connection system featuring a single, three-core cable that handles both motor and encoder.

About Came swing gate:

Came Automation is one of the leading and most trusted brands within the gate automation sector. They offer a range of highly capable systems that are built to last. Their products include Parking barriers, gate motors, PCBs (programmable control boards), safety photocells, remote keyfobs, access control keypads, and automation kits.

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